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  1. my mum played with skipping ropes space hopper hop scotch and teddy bears my dad plyaed with lego foot bols


  2. hello miss rooney, my gran is called nonna as she is italian she was born after the 2nd ww in the south of italy so they didnt have much at all they ate plenty of fresh vegetables and pasta and fruit but not much meat as that was expensive for breakfast she would have bread mashed with milk.It was very hot there and she used to play with dolls that were made out of rags and a ball there was not very many sweets to eat and she had chores to do like washing clothes and going to the market also the church played a huge part in the way of life and most of the families in the village got there food free from the church as they would have special days out where my nonna and her familia would save the food they got that day.


    • Thank you, Ale! You have given us an excellent insight into your nonna’s life in Italy. There are a lot of things that are the same to Scotland but differences too.
      Miss Rooney.


  3. You are sharing lots of interesting and valuable information which will be a great start for our class topic!


  4. games two of the games my gran played was rounders and the other ga my game my gran played was beds. school life. milke every morning in p.1 there was a coal fire and 40 people in her class. clothes. a white blouse a cardigan and a beret.
    From Matthew Burke


    • I’m glad Matthew! You did a fabulous job as our angel.


  5. I was able to ask my granny on skype about her toys when she was at school. She liked snakes and ladders and she used to play kick the tin in the playground. .

    Adam xx


    • Excellent, Adam! We have played snakes and ladders in our class, but we played it on the SMARTboard. Do you think that your Granny would have had a SMARTboard in her classroom?
      Miss Rooney.


  6. When my Gran was a little girl her Dad built her a doll’s house with a little bed. She had a bike with 3 wheels and some books.

    She wore skirts and dresses because girls didn’t wear trousers then. She had ribbons in her hair.

    Tom Green


    • This is fantastic information Tom, it will really help us with our topic. She was very lucky to have her own handmade doll’s house!
      Miss Rooney


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